The year 2020

Posted by Connie Poblete on Sep 27th 2020

   Overwhelming is an understatement. Massive and enormous cannot begin what this year has brought the world. An epidemic that took so much lives, a fire that ravage town after town in the n … read more

Blast from the past

Posted by Connie Poblete on Sep 5th 2019

At the end of 2018, I was pleasantly surprised by an email from Japan. The same suppliers from when I was working for Fred, has reached out to me and wanted to initiate and continue doing business. I … read more

Other passion

Posted by Connie Poblete on Aug 30th 2018

It's been a while since you heard from me....been busy! Dabbling on my other passion....painting! This time I've finally come up with enough courage to try my first painting on canvas. I still prefer … read more

Anniversary Relaunch

Posted by Connie Poblete on Aug 7th 2018

I'm freaking out!!...i'm stressing....excited, relieved!! I'm in knots and in a ball of emotions! After five years, I still feel the same drive and inspiration. The site is getting a newer look, more … read more

My first ever blog

Posted by Connie Poblete on Aug 6th 2018

6 years ago, Japan Woodworker in Alameda, CA was sold to Woodcraft. Fred retired after 30 years in business, 17 of which turned out to become a learning experience and a wealth of wisdom from Fred. He … read more