Anniversary Relaunch

Posted by Connie Poblete on Aug 7th 2018

I'm freaking out!!...i'm stressing....excited, relieved!! I'm in knots and in a ball of emotions! After five years, I still feel the same drive and inspiration. The site is getting a newer look, more items to browse from and a user friendlier navigation. The invites are set to be mailed out tomorrow, to 300 customers accumulated in those 5 years. This is akin to giving birth, one could say " I'm in the throes of labor pains now..."

August 8, 2018 is another beginning, hopefully more productive and rewarding than the last. This time, I intend to focus, be more proactive and consistent with the needs of the business and the people that support and patronize it. 

There are so much to be thankful for, and people I feel grateful from....

my family both here and back home in the Philippines for being the constant rock of my dreams

my son....this is all for you. 

my close besties... you've encompass the true meaning of friendship

my mentors....whose true wisdom is ingrained within me 

and most importantly.... my "customers",.... Impersonal as it may sound calling them "customers", I meant it in the warmest and most grateful way. They are the reason I'm here. They are the pursuers of the craft and trade. 

The woodworkers, gardeners, woodcarvers, chefs, artist and all the others in between....