Dogyu Octagon Polished Head Hammers 300gms/11 oz

$32.99 - $39.99
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  Octagon hammers are useful for driving nails or adjusting plane blades. The sides of the head can also be used as a hammering face to hit nails in tight spots.  One face is flat and the other face is slightly curved, called the "kigoroshi-men". This curved face is used to drive a nail into the wood without damaging the surrounding surface. Handles are made from Japanese white oak. Overall length from head to bottom of handle are 11" to 14" (depending on the weight of head).

Head weight: Ranges from300g to 450g

Handle length: Ranges from 13" to 14"

Face diameters:   

                                 25 mm (1")             weight 300g (11oz)

                                 26 mm (31/32")     weight 375g (13oz)

                                 29 mm (1 5/16")    weight 450g (16oz)