Fujitake VG10 Chef Knife 210mm / 8-1/4″

$144.99 - $229.99
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Overall length: 13″-16″ depending on the size

Blade length: 8.25″-10.5″ depending on size

Blade material: VG-10 stainless steel

Blade bevel: Both side, double bevel

A chef knife has a long and narrow blade to smoothly slice meat.

Fujitake is a knife maker located in Gifu prefectureSeki City in Japan. The blades are made of VG-10 (stainless steel with cobalt). By applying more cobalt the stainless steel gains durability. The Fujitake knives are well balanced with long lasting cutting edge and have rust-resistant properties. The handle is made of laminated wood and have a full tang. 3 differend lengths from 210mm to 270mm are available. Wash and keep dry after each use. Do not wash and leave in dishwashing machine. Apply Camilia oil for maintenance. Comes in individual gift box.