Gihei Santoku Vegetable Knife / 165mm (6.5″)

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Gihei is a knife blacksmith company located in Niigata prefecture, Sanjo City in Japan. Gihei brand passed down the tradition of Banshu Miki Uchihamono ( After the siege and final fall of Miki castle toward the end of the Momoyama period (1573-1600), carpenters from various parts were drawn here to rebuild the town. Along with them came many smiths to forge the tools they needed and forging developed as a craft here.

By the end of the Edo period (1600-1868) large quantities of forged blades for such things as saws, chisels and planes were being made here, and it is still one of the country’s prominent centers for the production of bladed tools, the saws and chisels in particular being the envy of the world. Led by 23 government recognized Master Craftsmen, 166 staff are employed by 131 firms supplying a continuing demand. ) the forging method passed down to the 4th generation who maintains a well known reputation of quality made tools and knives.

The cutting edge of this knife is made of special alloy steel (Hitachi SLD) laminated to stainless steel. Molybdenum, chrome, carbon and vanadium are included in the steel so they hold an edge for a long time while staying fairly resistant to rust. The handle is made of reinforced wood.

A vegetable knife also known as a nakiri is commonly designed with a square blade to easily chop vegetables.

Wash and keep dry after each use. Do not wash in dishwashing machine. Apply Camellia oil regularly to maintain a rust free blade. Oil sold separately.

Overall length: 12″

Blade length: 6.5″

Weight: 0.35lbs

Blade material: Hitachi SLD alloy laminated to stainless steel

Blade bevel: Both