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The word Santoku translates as “3 good things” which means it is versatile like a chef’s knife and cuts vegetables, fish and meat.

Blade length: 6-3/4″ Overall length: 11-3/4″

Blade material:

“Tokuzo knives are forged using Seki’s traditional blacksmithing method which started from producing quality Japanese swords. Tokuzo series offers great selection for home cooking and beginner chefs, and will definately make every day cooking enjoyable”.
Tokuzo knives uses Silver 3 Steel, so these knives are more similar to our “Shirasagi no Hana” knives.
Made up of Carbon: .95%, Chromium: 13.00 – 14.50%, Manganese: .60 – 1.00%, Phosphorus: .030%, Sulfur: .020%, Silicon: .35% . This steel is also known as Gin-3 or Silver-3, and has excellent stainless properties. The original design for this steel was to be used in scissors and knives.

Blade bevel: Double beveled

The perfect entry level knife for home cooking or beginning chef. Tokuzo knives feature razor sharp Silver 3 steel blades and is a great choice for those who prefer a lighter, faster and user friendly knife.

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