Kanetsugu Deba Knives

$112.99 - $134.99
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The blade for this knife is beveled on one side only and is designed to clean and fillet fish. The Kanetsugu deba knives are forged with molybdenum stainless steel, which is highly rust resistant and durable, making the maintenance easier compared to traditional carbon steel blades. Comes in its individual box. Great wedding or housewarming present. Great gift for the culinary enthusiast, student or for personal use in the kitchen.

Blade steel: Molybdenum stainless steel

Blade length: 6.5" - 7" depending on the size

Overall length: 12" - 13" depending on the size

Overall weight: 0.65lbs - 0.75lbs depending on the size

Blade bevel: One side 

Care: Preferably hand wash, dry and regularly wipe with Camellia oil for knife longevity. Oil sold separately.

Demand sometimes exceeds available stock. And being high quality handmade knives, there is always a possibility that the knife is on backorder. You will be informed accordingly. I will pay for the shipping cost incurred on anything backorder.