Kiyotsuna Deba Knives

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Kiyotsuna created a strong alloy steel specially combined with stainless steel, high carbon steel, chrome, molybdenum and vanadium to make a knife that is sharp, rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. Handle is made of solid red oak. The sashimi and deba knives are beveled on one side only.

Blade material: Hard stainless steel alloy laminated with stainless steel

Blade length: 7″

Overall length: 13″

Weight : 0.65 lbs

Blade bevel: One side

Deba bōchō (出刃包丁, literally: pointed carving knife ) are Japanese style kitchen carvers primarily used to cut fish, though also used when cutting meat. The deba bōchō first appeared during the Edo period in Sakai. It is designed to behead and fillet fish. Its thickness, and often a more obtuse angle on the back of the heel allow it to cut off the heads of fish without damage. The rest of the blade is then used to ride against the fish bones, separating the fillet. The deba is not intended for chopping large diameter bones. Comes in its individual box. Perfect present for a wedding or housewarming. Great gift to the culinary enthusiast, chef or for personal use.

Care: Preferably hand wash, dry and wipe with Camellia oil regularly to ensure knife longevity. Oil sold separately.

Demand sometimes exceeds available stock. And being high quality handmade knives, there is always a possibility that the knife is on backorder. You will be informed accordingly. I will pay for the shipping cost incurred on anything backorder.