Kiyotsuna Sashimi Knife

$100.99 - $132.99
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Kiyotsuna created a strong alloy steel specially combined with stainless steel, high carbon steel, chrome, molybdenum and vanadium to make a knife that is sharp, rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. Handle is made of solid red oak. These  sashimi  knives are beveled on one side only. ( Photo is of the 210 mm/ 8-1/4″ ) Wipe dry after every use. Do not wash in dishwasher. I recommend using Camellia oil for maintenance and keeping the knife rust-free. Oil available for purchase separately.

Overall length: 13.5″-16″ depending on size 

Blade length: 8-1/4″-10-1/2″ depending on size

Weight: 0.25 lbs-0.4 lbs depending on size

Blade material: Hard stainless steel alloy laminated with stainless steel

Blade bevel: One side