Kusakichi Carbon Steel Skinning Knife No.8 / 170mm (7.25")

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A skinning knife is designed to remove the skin from large game animals. To aid in this effort, the knifes have sweeping blades and curved tips designed to avoid puncturing the hide or accidentally slicing the meat. Most skinning knives also have thinner blades than other knives. This allows for slight bending while removing the hide.
Some of the common characteristic of a good skinning knife is that it should provide comfortable grip, not too long and curved which is the  best skinning knife design. These knives are designed to make short work of all your skinning tasks and has a type of handle that ensures no slippage and a tight grip.

Overall length: 12″

Blade length: 7.25″

Weight: 0.3lbs

Blade material: Carbon Steel

Blade bevel: Both

Great for camping or outdoors.