Mandolin Slicer

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Manage your time accordingly and make your food prep easy and a whiz. A great kitchen essential.

Set includes: Super benriner mandolin w/ main blade blade attached which is the fine cut, 1x medium cut blade, 1x coarse cut blade

It slices, it dices and boy is it FAST. Great for food prep such as: slicing cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes for frying chips. Additional easily removable blades allow for fine, medium, and coarse dicing. Wash with warm soap and water after each use. Keep dry. Do not leave in dishwashing machine.

Overall size: 13.5″ (L) x 5″ (W)

WARNING! This tool is extremely sharp and should be used carefully in a well-lighted kitchen with plenty attention on your fingers. It can give you a nasty cut.