Masazumi Set of Santoku and Nakiri Knives

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Why settle for one, when you can get both these essential knives. Makes your food prep as easy as can be. 

A santoku style knife is an all purpose knife designed for everyday cooking and can be used to cut fish, meat and vegetables.

While a vegetable knife also known as a nakiri is commonly designed with a square blade to easily chop vegetables.

Handle is made of reinforced wood (it is hard and strong against water) with a comfortable round grip. There are two styles available in this set: all-purpose and vegetable. 

Overall length: 11"

Blade length: 6.5"

Weight: 0.25lbs

Blade material: High carbon steel core, laminated with stainless steel

Blade bevel: Both

Each knife comes in it's own individual box. Also a great wedding or housewarming present.

Care: Preferably hand wash, dry and regularly wipe with Camellia Oil for rust free blade and knife longevity. Oil sold separately.