Midorihamono Wa Series Slicer Knife w/ Octagon Handle

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A slicer is designed to carve meat and poultry as well as make fine cuts to cut sandwiches and rolls. This particular knife has an added feature which makes it’s beauty almost an art in itself. You can see aside from the hammer mark finish, the layers of lamination close to the edge of the blade. It comes in a nice presentation box and a perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

The blade is made with VG-10, with a tsuchime (hammer mark) finish, which is an added quality to the knife. The hammer marks prevents materials from sticking on the side of the knife. The blade is strong against rust and easy to sharpen. The unique octagon handle provides a comfortable grip.

Care: Preferably hand wash, dry and wipe with Camellia oil for lasting rust free blade. 

Blade steel: VG-10 stainless steel

Blade length: 9.5″

Overall length: 14.75″

Weight: 0.3lbs

Blade bevel: Both sides

Demand sometimes exceeds available stock. And being high quality handmade knives, there is always a possibility that the knife is on backorder. You will be informed accordingly. I will pay for the shipping cost incurred on anything backorder.