Moriyuki Brand Blue Steel Hunting Knife with FREE Shipping

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This hunting knife is truly free forged as it is made by hand without the aid of a die by a Tosa blacksmith named Hotta-san. His father, under whom he trained, was honored with the highest certificate for traditional craftsmanship by the Japanese government. The Moriyuki Black Blade uses high-quality Yasuki blue steel #2 to create a long lasting, exceedingly sharp cutting edge. The knife also has a thin groove engraved on the blade which is used to remove blood when field dressing an animal. The handle is carved from hard Japanese white oak, which is less porous and stronger than its Western counterpart. The handsome leather sheath features dual leather clasps to firmly secure the knife in place. SHIPPING FEE INCLUDED!

Dimensions and Specs
Blade Length 150mm approx. 6"
Blacksmith's Name    Hotta san
Steel Type Laminated Aogami Blue Steel Free Forged by Hand



Being handmade, demand sometimes exceeds stock, that there's a chance the item would be on backorder. I will let you know as soon as I could and check with how you want to proceed.