Rust Eraser Coarse/ Medium grit Sabitori

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This eraser-like rust remover really works!! I personally use it for almost everything that has rust on it, knives, scissors, garden tools. It's so easy to use and it works each time. I’m impressed!

This item should be in the kitchen, shop, or shed of any fine tool enthusiast. Made from an abrasive compound, the sabitori sasuke works just like a pencil eraser to remove rust and oxidation. Rust damages can be easily averted with the use of this handy item. Take care of your tools and they will last for years and years.  

SIZE: 2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″

The rust eraser is easy to use for removing rust or other stubborn stains from knives: Soak the rust eraser in water for five minutes before using. Identify the direction of the “grain” of the knife steel (you will see lines in the knife steel) and following the grain, gently rub back and forth until the rust or stain is gone. Always rinse and fully dry your knife after use.

NOTE: rubbing too hard or too long may weaken the steel and may lead to the development of more rust. Use the rust eraser gently and only where needed.