Shapton Pro Series Ceramic Sharpening Stone

$79.99 - $149.99
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The Shapton Pro series are synthetic, ceramic stones that provides high performance when sharpening knives and tools. The sharpening power is close to that of a diamond sharpening stone and will maintain a flat surface for a long time. The plastic case that is useful for transportation also serves as a base to stabilize the stone when sharpening.


The 1000 grit is a versatile sharpening grit that can start an edge fast and can be used as a coarse or medium finish stone. 

The 2000 grit can be used as a medium finish and polishing stone. Useful for touching up a blade that doesn't require major sharpening. 

The 5000 and /or 8000 grit is a fine polishing stone that can remove scratches and burrs with ease. Compared to common polish stones the surface does not feel slippery as much.


The stone should be soaked in water before use, and stored dry when finished.

Size: (L) 8 3/8" x (W) 3" x (H) 5/8"