Takamura VG-5 Sashimi Knife with Ebony Handle / 210mm (8.25″)

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Sashimi knives are used for slicing tender raw fish, also suitable for fine slicing of some meats. These thinner blades makes the edge more fragile and must be handled with care.

The blacksmiths at Takamura Cutlery forges their knives using the skills passed down for 700 years in Fukui prefecture. They strive to perfect every minor detail of their knives and has been highly rated by top chefs of the world. Handle is Ebony. Comes in a box.

Overall length: 13.5″

Blade length: 8.25″


Blade material: VG-5 stainless steel

Blade bevel: One side

Do not wash and leave in dishwasher. I recommend wiping with Camellia oil after washing with warm water and soap, to maintain rust-free blade, and longevity of the knife.