Tokuzo Set Santoku,Chef and Vegetable Knives (Square ferrule)

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This set is comprise of 3 types of  most commonly used knives in the kitchen. 

Santoku (all Purpose)  Overall length: 11.5″

Blade length: 6.75″

Blade material: Silver 3 steel

Blade bevel: Double Beveled

santoku style knife is an all purpose knife designed for everyday cooking and can be used to cut fish, meat and vegetables.

Vegetable Knife  Overall length: 11.5″ Blade length: 6.25″

A vegetable knife also known as nakiri is commonly designed with a square blade to easily chop vegetables.

Chef’s Knife  Overall length: 12″   Blade length: 7″

The blade for the chef knife is thin and beveled on both sides to be able to slice meat and fish smoothly.

The blades are beveled on both sides and the handles are made of laminated wood. Wash and wipe dry after each use, do not leave in dishwasher. Apply Camellia oil (available for purchase separately) for maintenance. Great gift idea and/or for everyday use.