Tsuboman Atoma Diamond Stone

$124.99 - $133.99
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This coarse stone can be used to quickly true and flatten traditional sharpening stones. Used as a sharpening stone, it excels at restoring edges to very dull knives and tools. There is no need to press hard on to the stone when sharpening, since the cutting strength of these Atoma series diamond stones are powerful. The removable diamond adhesive sheet lasts a very long time and wears evenly for maximum usability. There is no need to use water when sharpening on this stone, but if the surface feels like it can use a little lubrication, splashing some water on the surface will help the knife or blade glide over the stone. It is highly recommended to wash the surface and dry after use to prevent unnecessary rusts.

Grit: 140 grit, 400 grit or 600 grit (choose one)

The 600 grit works similarly to a 1000 grit

Size: (L) 8 3/8" x (W) 3" x (H) 1/2"