Vessel Plastic Head Hammer Set of 3

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Introducing a new line of hammers. The Plastic Head Hammers from Vessel

Overall length:  280mm
Weight 167g
Overall length: 280mm
Weight: 272g
Overall length: 295mm
Weight: 450g
These type of hammers are use when a softer, non marring blow are called for. Used mainly to deliver impact on the work piece without or with minimum deformation to itself. It as a tool of preference for woodworkers using chisels with plastic, metal, wooden handles, as they give a softened strike with a positive drive. Similar to the “dead blow hammer” these are most useful and popular for fixing bends or dents on knives,mounting joinery or just a chisel hitting hammer. Available in 3 different sizes, can be purchased individually or as a set. A great addition to your tool box, can be mounted or hung on a peg on a wall in your tool shed.