Zanmai Damascus Chef's Knives

$224.99 - $259.99
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It's been said, that a "CHEF IS ONLY AS GOOD AS HIS KNIFE IS SHARP". These Zanmai Chef's Knives are definitely sharp. Literally and aesthetically. 

The blade is made of 32 layer Damascus steel, laminated to VG-10 steel as the cutting edge, and is hand sharpened to a clam-shaped edge, called the hamaguri-ba, which allows effortless cutting. It provides a strong handle made of laminated Pakka wood and a ferrule made of nickel silver. Blade lengths are a choice between 210mm /8-1/4″ and 240mm/ 9-1/2". Total length is approximately 12″. 

Care: Preferably hand wash, keep dry and regularly wiping the blade with Camellia oil is recommended to ensure knife's longevity. Comes in a box. Perfect present for a wedding or housewarming. Great gift to the professional chef, the wanna-be chef.

Demand sometimes exceeds available stock, there's a possibility that the knife could be on backorder. You will be informed accordingly and keep updated with the status. In any case, the knives are perfect it would be worth the wait.